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Laid back evenings, mostly Sunday’s at that, are probably the best memories we have associated with The Brew Room at Savera. Reading a book, a meetup, surfing the web, long conversations, The Brew Room caters to all of these amazingly well. The ambience here is what’s most alluring! They have an outdoor and indoor seating. The garden seating is best enjoyed in the late evenings (especially when breezy :D) and at night with the pretty little lights surrounding you.

Brew Room Lights Brew Room

Brew Room Table 2

Brew Room Table

Indoor seating consists of about 10 wooden (and a glass) tables and well cushioned armchairs and benches (just like the outdoor) a few delicate decor around, a board with pictorial representations of their specialty coffees, the counter with their desserts in cloches and another clean white counter with various state-of-the-art machines to make their various Crafted Coffees! Definitely, a spectacle to watch your coffee being prepared in front of you. This place also has some lively music and quite a good Wi-Fi connection, all in all, one of the best places to chill.

Brew Room Entrance Brew Room

Brew Room Board

Brew Room Inside

Service is one of those areas The Brew Room has been consistently inconsistent. While our indoor experiences have mostly been quite satisfactory on the service front, its quite on the contrary outdoors where we just go unnoticed. On a positive note though, it’s a great spot for privacy! If you’re here with quite some time to spare, it works quite alright.

The regular menu at The Brew Room is a coffee lovers paradise. An elaborate page for their crafted coffees, the description is just exact for each coffee. They also have a bunch of Cold Coffees, Smoothies, Fresh Juices and Teas which are equally delicious. Crafted Coffees have continually been amazing; Cold Drip, Vacuum Siphon (especially the almond milk that comes with it) and Dabara Coffee are our absolute favourites here.

Aeropress Brew Room
Dabara Coffee Brew Room
Dabara Coffee
Turkish Coffee Brew Room
Turkish Coffee
Cold Drip Brew Room
Cold Drip

For the chocoholics in us, it is the Swiss Chocolate Smoothie that’s invariably ordered. Hot Chocolate is pretty great too, with a little jug of molten  chocolate and another with hot milk. Super yum! Cold coffees are just about okay with the Irish Cream Cold Coffee being our favourite of them.

Swiss Chocolate Smoothie Brew Room
Swiss Chocolate Smoothie
Thai cold Coffee Brew Room
Thai cold Coffee
Iced Lemon Tea Brew Room
Iced Lemon Tea

On the beverage side, they have a new menu for teas which consists of fragrant artisanal teas. Quite a recent addition, the day we went they only had the Marigold Green Tea. It was extremely refreshing, light and fragrant! A fresh pot full of the tea, with the marigold and green tea filter on top, fills about 3 teacups and they refresh the hot water once the pot is done!

High Tea Brew Room

Marigold Tea Brew Room
Marigold Tea

Other than beverages, the regular menu consists of a range of English & American breakfasts (combos from 7-11AM and individual dishes all day, including options for ’em health freaks!), salads, light eats, sandwiches, pasta, tea time goodies & desserts (on display at the counter). From the fair share we’ve had here, few of these are my absolute favourites while a few others are just about okay. The Masala Vacuum Fries (these are healthier French fries ;)) are probably our most favourite conversation munchies; light, crispy and the right amount of spicy, with their in-house relish, best when hot (once cold it goes dry as it had close to no oil). Their Sliders and Mozzarella Sticks are also quite yum.

Masala Vacuum Fries Brew Room
Masala Vacuum Fries
Caesar Salad Brew Room
Caesar Salad
Watermelon and Feta Salad Brew Room
Watermelon and Feta Salad

The All Day Breakfast dishes are a few of my other favourites here. Fluffy omelettes and crispy toasts are a comfort at anytime, right? Sandwiches and pasta are some of their not so wow dishes. Their variants in these are pretty limited too. The Cajun Spicy Chicken sandwich is what I’d order twice from these. Cookies and Desserts are something else I absolutely love here! Oat Crunchies,  Langues de Chat (comes with most of their beverages) and Choco Chip are my FAVOURITE cookies ever! The Snicker Doodles are TOO sweet for my palate, whereas its texture is amazing. Their cupcakes are quite unique and sumptuous too. In Cakes, I was totally disappointed by the Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, too dry and the buttercream too greasy whereas the Eggless Choco Cake with Toffee is quite yum.

Cajun Spicy Chicken Brew Room
Cajun Spicy Chicken
Snicker Doodle Brew Room
Snicker Doodle
Oat Crunchies Brew Room
Oat Crunchies
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake Brew Room
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

So while they have this limited set of food options, they’ve introduced a new menu with a range of about 15 Pizzas! (Served from 7PM for now).

Brew Room Menu

The day it was introduced, they only had the vegetarian ones and we tried the Mexican. Nothing spectacular, it definitely was a good thin crust pizza. The toppings they provided totally justified the name though, the perfect combo to create the Mexican feel to it!

Mexican Pizza Brew Room
Mexican Pizza

Quite recently we also got to try one of their Non-Veg pizzas, BBQ Chicken and boy, it was SO mediocre in taste and quality that it became quite a regrettable order. The pizza base was too floury and the toppings too bland! The chicken was chunky but had almost no flavour. The only saving grace were the condiments and the super stringy melted cheese on top. For ₹ 475, it seemed unreasonable.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Brew Room
BBQ Chicken Pizza

Coming to the pricing here, for the ambiance with the food & drinks its quite reasonable. The cost for two would be around ₹ 900 with 2-3 beverages and a few light eats, which is totally nominal for the experience of it. Definitely, one of our favourite hangout spots in the city, especially with a good working Wi-Fi and a brilliant atmosphere, the new additions just add to their repertoire.

WTF METER FOR The Brew room:

Ambiance – 9/10

Service – 7/10

Quality – 8/10

Quantity – 8/10

Food – 6/10

Beverages- 8/10

VFM – 7/10

Overall 8/10

Wifi – Yes

Valet – Yes

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