OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

A Stroll Through Cuisines at OMR Food Street, Navalur

A walk, a drive and add scrumptious food, there you have the ‘OMR Food Street, Navalur’. It is a vibrant, casual and convenient choice to have a plethora of options and variety away from the city. A drive from the city, a walk inside the spacious Food Street and delicious food to chose from the 40+ options of restaurants and outlets within, spread across almost every mainstream cuisine choice! It was a lovely afternoon when we decided to club a drive with a visit to this new Food Street. The first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the ‘Street’. Restaurants on either side every 2ft, the options here as just satisfying to even look at. Most of the restaurants have a dining space and even if not there is one whole stretch of seating as you walk inside the Food Street. During our walk, we decided to visit as many different cuisines as possible and these were the ones that struck the right chords and made our time there memorable. From comfort food, street food to widespread authentic regional cuisine, there was a lot that we covered.

  • Meat & Eat

Meat and Eat OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

Fried Chicken speaks volumes of comfort like no other. The Fiery Fried Chicken Bucket we had as our appetiser was yum to the very last crumb. It was quite spicy, crumb had good flavour and the chicken was tender and juicy. Each piece of chicken was as big as the next and was totally worth the buck.

Fiery Fried Chicken OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Fiery Fried Chicken
  • Country Spices
Chilly Garlic Prawns OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Chilly Garlic Prawns

Asian vibes right from the name board, this place had adequate seating and was spacious. We had another appetiser from this spot, the Chilli Garlic Prawns. Fresh, soft and sharp to taste, it was a peppy starter, perfect for the seafood lovers. The quantity was on the lower side for it’s value.

  • Long Live Pizza

Long Live Pizza OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

What’s happiness without Pizza? We tried this pizza joint for the first time on this ‘Street’. They have a number of toppings to choose from, nothing that’s outstandingly wonderful. The pizzas we tried were the Southern Delite and Pizza Portuguese, both non-vegetarian. It was nothing impressive. Regular Pan Pizzas with a thick base that was fresh and soft with adequate cheese and toppings as on the menu. Being avid fans of the Thin Crust, we didn’t enjoy the pizzas at Long Live. Flavours were just as describes and this quantity for the price was extremely justified and satisfying.

Southern Delite Pizza OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Southern Delite Pizza
Pizza Portuguese OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Pizza Portuguese
  • Petuk Express

Petuk OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

A joint dedicated to Kolkata Street Food was something that attracted us just for the love of variety and experimentation. We tried the Aloo Posto Bhaja, a fried masala potato sort of dish traditionally served with puris (which we missed) and their Fish Cutlets. The latter easily stole the show; rich, flavour-packed, and visually very appealing with its lush brown colour. The quantity was perfect to share and its VFM was on point.

Fish Cutlet OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Fish Cutlet
Aloo Posto Bhaja OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Aloo Posto Bhaja
  • Hungry Folks

A place dedicated to Thai cuisine lovers and the wall art in here is stunning. A cozy little spot to accommodate about 10-12 people with a menu descript with Thai dishes. We tried their Chicken Momos and Thai Red Curry with Rice. Both of these were really filling and tasted perfect. As a meal for two, it was sufficient and satisfying and its value was very reasonable.

  • Zia Malaysian Parotta City

Zia Malaysian Parotta OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

New found love for Malaysian Street Food made me be interested in what this particular joint had to offer. The sheer size and variety in their menu are overwhelming and impressive! We settled for their Mutton Murtabak, Mee Goreng Basah, Chocolate Parotta and Strawberry Parotta. Their quantity is amazing for the price of it! The Mee Goreng was the fried noodle dish with veggies that didn’t work that well with me. It was quite bland. The Murtabak was brilliant, though. Filling, delicious and meaty the dish was authentic and delicious to the last bit. The dessert Parottas were true to their name, sweet and wrapped in light parottas. Not something I’d try again though. For their price, this place deserves all credit. I would definitely visit this place for the Murtabak again.

Chocolate Parotta OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Chocolate Parotta
Strawberry Parotta OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Strawberry Parotta
Mee Goreng Basah OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Mee Goreng Basah
Mutton Murtabak OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Mutton Murtabak
  • Malabar Camboose

Malabar Camboose OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

Heading towards the neighbouring cuisines that we are quite accustomed to, from the Malabar region we tried their Chicken Biryani and Chilly Beef. This was again somewhat a two person meal with an appetiser and main course. The Thalassery style Biryani was moist and flavour packed but quite mellow in masala. It was just about satisfying, nothing that stood out.

Chicken Biryani OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Chicken Biryani

The Chilly Beef was a unanimous win, though. Well cooked meat, spicy, succulent and coated amply with the masala, it went well with the rice. The quantity was generous and the prices were quite good for that.

Chilly Beef OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Chilly Beef
  • Golcondas

Golcondas OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

This one was purely Andhra with a descript menu covering meals, peppy starters, gravies and Biryani. Two biryanis and two starters were enough for us to declare this restaurant as one of the best on the street. We had the Chicken Tikka, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Prawn Fry. The Chicken Tikka and Prawn Fry were really fresh and succulent. The quantity was amazing on both! The taste was on point, spicy and juicy just as we’d like. The Biryani was long grained with ample masala, spice and well cooked succulent meat to satisfy our cravings. For Biryani lovers, this is a must visit.

Chicken Tikka OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Chicken Tikka
Prawn Fry OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Prawn Fry
Mutton Biryani OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Mutton Biryani
  • Udta Punjab
Chhole Bhature OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Chhole Bhature

This was our favourite from the whole walk that afternoon and that’s saying something because, by the time we tried this place, we were filled up to our brims. Nevertheless, the rich and delicious Punjabi food churned out at this joint is SURE to woo you in. Our pick would be the uber homely, rich and butter oozing Bhuna Chicken with Phulkas. The gravy was so good, hot, fresh and flavour-packed that with the extremely light and soft Phulkas it disappeared in a matter of seconds. The Chhole Bhature was also extremely homely and delicious to bits. For a soulful yummy meal, this is the place to be. The value of the meal is amazing for the quality and taste and this is something I would never miss when I’m back here.

Bhuna Chicken with Phulka OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Bhuna Chicken with Phulka
Malai Tangri Kebab OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Malai Tangri Kebab
  • Ajnabi

Ajnabi OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie

A well-known brand across Chaat and North Indian sweet lovers, this brand on this street keeps up to the name and was just as good. We tried their Bread Pakoda with Cheese and Jalebi. Being a sucker for hot, crispy Jalebis this was THE most fitting end to the delicious walk. Bread Pakoda with Cheese was also delicious and filling, moist and rich with the chutneys and cheese. I wouldn’t call this place affordable but this definitely was good VFM especially on the Jalebi part.

Jalebi OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Bread Pakoda OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Bread Pakoda
  • Coco Island
Tender Coconut Water OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Tender Coconut Water

This little shop is plain refreshing. They have a number of dishes on the menu where tender coconut/coconut is the hero. Desserts and drinks that are best paired with all the walking to energise/refresh. We mainly wanted something to wash down all that we were having and tender coconut seemed to be PERFECT for that. Their Tender Coconut Water is chilled and served and on that hot day it was the saviour. It didn’t seem au naturale with the sharp taste in it without the sweetness. The added flavours (they have many variants in coconut water) didn’t help the artificial flavour either. The value is quite alright but this would only be something when I am in utmost need of a drink to quench my thirst.

  • Blondies and Brownies

This was the dessert place we eyed right on walking in. It has very minimal seating outside the kiosk type setup with a display of all their gooey, rich brownies. We had an assortment of all that was available; Fudge Brownies, Blondies, Truffle Brownies, Nutella Brownies, Cookies n Cream Brownies, Eggless Brownies (I can hear vegetarians screaming for joy!), Cheesecake Brownies, Red Velvet Blondies, Choco Chip Blondies. The ample variety for everyone is impressive. Being the chocoholic I am, the Nutella, Fudge and Truffle kept me going back for more. The Blondies were light and delicious too!

Assorted Brownies OMR Food Street Navalur With The Foodie
Assorted Brownies

All the walking around and selecting through the wide range of cuisines was extreme fun and we made a great day with the drive to and from the Food Street! Be it South Indian, Punjabi, Chaat and Indian Sweets, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, American, Indian Street Food, Bengali, Keralite, Andhra, Kulfi, Arabian, Biryani, Chettinad or Desserts you’re sure to get at OMR Food Street, Navalur. Drive, walk, explore and hog!


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