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Celebrate with a Special Deepavali Virundhu at Nellai Xpress

It’s Diwali Week! Less than a week to Diwali and the celebrations are already on all around the city. Diwali is JOY! Crackers, new clothes and not to forget all the scrumptious FOOD. Nothing can beat having spicy biryani along with home made sweets and murukku on this festive day.

To jazz up this Diwali, Nellai Xpress, on RK Salai, is hosting a Special Deepavali Virundhu lunch on this festive day. Nellai Xpress is a restaurant that has been consistently serving traditional Tamil Nadu cuisine for the past two years. The theme of the place is to serve those dishes special to those places that you cross while on the Nellai Express! Delicious seafood, poultry and meat, this place never ceases to please ‘em South Indian taste buds! The decor is very pleasant in hues of black, gold and purple. With little train themed decor here and there, it is extremely attractive.

We had a preview for this Diwali meal and it was certain that the diners would have a blast for lunch with this fully packed authentic ‘saapadu’. The set meal is huge and is served in a big plate with banana leaf over it. Don’t be surprised if you’re sated just on seeing a plate filled with all so many yummy delicacies arrive. There’s nothing better than devouring this kind of a big South Indian feast.

Nellai Xpress Diwali Meal Chennai With The Foodie
Nellai Xpress Deepavali Virundhu

Here are the delicacies included in the meal:

  • Payasam
  • Vada
  • Chicken 65 Drumstick
  • Chicken Chukka
  • White Rice
  • Mutton Kuzhambu
  • Rasam
  • Porial
  • Chicken Biryani with Raita
  • Murukku & Kara Sev
  • Laddu
  • Adhirasam
  • Jangiri
  • Mysore Pak
  • Beeda
  • Banana

Evidently, it’s purely for non-vegetarians. Such a heartwarming and festive list of dishes! I started the meal with the melt-in-mouth Mysore Pak. Perfect start. I went on to gorge on the Rice and Mutton Gravy next. The mutton gravy was properly spiced and tasted perfect with the rice and I had this along with the soft and spicy Chicken Chukka. If you are a fan of boneless chicken, you will definitely love this flavor-packed side dish. The lone Chicken Drumstick was BRILLIANT. Properly fried and spiced with no excess oil sticking on to it.

All this while, the biryani monster in me seemed keen on getting to it, but I saved the best for last! The Biryani was *BANG* amazing. Well cooked succulent pieces of meat with the perfect touch of spice, be sure to tantalize your taste buds. Tasted even better with the raita and mutton gravy. I was filled to the brim by then but that didn’t stop me from having a quick bite into the crispy Murukku and their delicious sweets. Loved the Jangiri and Adhirasam. Ending the meal in South Indian panache was the banana. It gives you the energy to get up from the chair with your super heavy tummy.

Apart from this, they also have a special weekend menu which keeps changing every week. We tried NX Kothu Chicken with Coin Parotta from this menu. The Kothu Chicken was THE BEST and I definitely am going back there for this and their soft flaky parottas. Their Parotta with Salna is a deadly combination and I’m sure you cannot stop with just one plate of parotta.

NX Kothu Chicken with Coin Parotta Nellai Xpress Chennai With The Foodie
NX Kothu Chicken with Coin Parotta

The Diwali lunch is served only on the festive day (29th October 2017). It is priced at ₹499++. The meal is definitely worth for paying that price because it will make you and your tummy as festive as the day that is Diwali. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your reservations for Saturday at Nellai Xpress this Diwali.

Call 044-30925953 for reservations.

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