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Comfort Meets Panache at Pantry D’Or Cordon Bleu, Alwarpet

Pantry D’Or has been such a big hit among us Anna Nagar residents ever since it opened way back in 2014. Oh, no not just among us but also otherwise where people have even come from the other end of the city just to visit this cozy place located in one of the most bustling parts of Anna Nagar. Simple, hearty and delicious comfort food spread across many cuisines is their forte and they have been extremely consistent in maintaining this. This delightful place has also popped up at Alwarpet and has been here for many months now, tucked away in one of the silent bylanes. This branch is an upscale version of the cozy cafe we’re accustomed to. The dining area is huge, spread over the ground and first floors. Dim lighting and nearly the same seating with some soft music in the background give us the sense of familiarity of it’s home branch. Comfortable and snug, this is the place to chill with friends or family with some really good food and yummilicious baked goodies!

Pantry D'Or Board Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie

Ground Floor Seating Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie

Interior Seating 2 Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie

Interior Seating Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie

The menu here is way more extensive with the addition of a ‘Dinner’ menu to their usual Cafe menu. One other highlight of this particular branch is that their whole menu is worked out in French and then a translated description of that in English is given below! It was equally fun as it was frustrating having to go through the description each time to find a particular dish. The length and variety in the menu cannot be emphasised enough. Abundant in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, it’s the dining that suits every need; fine dining, elaborate food or light short eats or creamy, sinful desserts. Just when it seemed perfect, you also get to know that they make their dishes with NO artificial preservatives or colours added! Smallest of examples are their Red Velvet Cake known here as the ‘Root Velvet Cake’ where beetroot is used as the red colouring agent in the pastry.

Dinner Menu Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie

We’ve been here twice already in the past month. Being regulars at the Cafe at Anna Nagar we decided to try the additional dinner menu at this branch. The whole experience was unique and totally delightful. Having covered quite many dishes, this is a collective view on all that we had during both these visits. Breaded Mozzarella, Crackling Thai Style Chicken Salad, Jerked Chicken with Honey Glaze and Fried Coconut Shrimps were the appetisers we had from their exclusive menu while from the regulars, the Char Grilled Chicken Salad and their juicy Chicken Wings are our all time favourites. The Crackling Salad was an uber crispy puri with juicy chicken bits inside which were flavour packed. The most unique of the lot. The Shrimps were also crisp and had the subtle and mighty hit of coconut which went really well with the dip. Jerked Chicken with Honey Glaze was a dish that became difficult to share as everyone wanted it wholly. The sweet and spicy flavours were PERFECT and this is definitely gonna be a regular order here henceforth! The Breaded Mozzarella had gooey cheese on the inside and crisp coating around it. This deep fried cheese is THE dish for ‘em turophiles.

Breaded Mozzarella Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Breaded Mozzarella
Crackling Thai Style Chicken Salad Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Crackling Thai Style Chicken Salad
Jerked Chicken with Honey Glaze Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Jerked Chicken with Honey Glaze
Fried Coconut Shrimps Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Fried Coconut Shrimps

While these were quite heavy in quantity and for about 3 people to share it sufficed, it was the beverages that played a perfect refresher in between the heavy food. We had the Green Apple Mojito, Cranberry and Mint (Healthy Infusions) and Peach Iced Tea. LOVED these to the very last sip mainly because of their fresh and punchy flavours.

Lemon Iced Tea Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Lemon Iced Tea
Green Apple Mojito Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Green Apple Mojito
Cranberry and Mint Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Cranberry and Mint
Peach Iced Tea Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Peach Iced Tea

Moving on to their soulful comfort mains, we tried the Classic Italian Style Pizza with Shaved Chicken in BBQ Sauce, Chicken Cordon Bleu and the Chicken Raz-el-Hanout. Their pizza was truly one of a kind. True to its name it was totally packed with BBQ flavour and the pizza was thin crust, except it was shaped like a triangle! The toppings were generous and gooey, one of the best pizzas we’ve had! We had to try the Cordon Bleu of course, with the restaurant being named after it. It was yum! Roulades of Chicken stuffed with melted, stringy cheese that was seasoned to perfection. The Chicken did get a tad dry towards the end but overall, it was succulent and tender. This was slightly heavy though as it was deep fried. While we assumed it would be bland, the mild seasoning and flavour of the crispy coating made us dive in for more. Chicken Raz-el-Hanout was chicken grilled to perfection and marinated really well with spices and served with millets. Soft and flavour packed, this dish went perfectly with the small portion of millet served and was perfect in quantity.

Classic Italian Style Pizza with Shaved Chicken in BBQ Sauce Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Classic Italian Style Pizza with Shaved Chicken in BBQ Sauce
Chicken Cordon Bleu Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Raz-el-Hanout Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Chicken Raz-el-Hanout

The mains are quite large in portion filling us up to the brim quite easily. But desserts are THE best part of Pantry D’Or, no matter which branch and there was no way we were letting that slide.

Desserts Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie

Chocolate Marquise is unanimously our favourite and this is one dessert we could have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Soft, gooey, creamy, rich, sinful and dark, this is a chocoholic’s dream on a plate (Personally, I like to have it with a pinch of salt). Despite having had this on almost all our visits to the Anna Nagar branch, we ended up having it here as well! Other than this we tried the Macarons, Churros and Apple Rhubarb Crumble, a few of the desserts unique to this branch. The Macarons were a bit too sweet for me but the crunch on it was oh-so-good! Melt in your mouth kinda dessert overall with the silky, refreshing Raspberry Sorbet. Churros were yummilicious with a dark chocolate dip crispy, perfect levels of sweetness and warmth. The Apple and Rhubarb Crumble was another comfort-food-in-a-little-bowl kinda dessert. The dessert was warm and with the ice cream and the crunch crumble bits on top, this dessert was the whole package. Ticking off all the right boxes, it was truly one of the most unique desserts we’ve tried in a while. Piedmont and Almond Brownies are other desserts we completely love and are a few of their must-tries! Pantry D’Or gets gold in Desserts (and bakes!).

Macaron Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Piedmont Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Churros Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Apple Rhubarb Crumble Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Apple Rhubarb Crumble
Chocolate Marquise Pantry D'or Chennai With The Foodie
Chocolate Marquise

Pricing is another win here. While this is marked slightly above the parent branch at Anna Nagar, the fine dining part is a good addition and for the quality of their products and the sheer quantity, all their prices are absolute VFM. This is one of those restaurants that would make you feel at home and comfortable by providing some lip-smacking global comfort food at very reasonable prices. This little fine dining element at this branch of our beloved cafe/bakery is a touch that fits in well with this locality. Pantry D’Or has been extremely consistent with the taste, quality, ambience, service and price, dishing out good food ever since we’ve been visiting this place; looks like Alwarpet is also now graced with this upstanding restaurant.


Ambience – 9/10

Service – 8/10

Quantity – 10/10

Taste – 8/10

Presentation – 9/10

VFM – 8/10

Overall – 8/10

Valet – Yes

Wifi – Yes

Reservation – Recommended

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