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Park Hyatt has brought in a Mediterranean Food Festival this early summer. A cuisine that focuses on the regions having a wide distribution of olive trees, their recipes surround fresh herbs, vegetables, nuts, aplenty olive oil and wine and simple meat & seafood. With this being a really vast region, covering cuisines spanning across Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and much more, Park Hyatt has ensured that they cover about a 100 exquisite dishes from such regions by having a rotational menu everyday during the festival. Choosing dishes that cater to most palates was their forte and it’s been beautifully executed with the choicest dishes that scream Mediterranean, that is fun and invigorating for all.

The Dining Room Interior Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie

Live Oyster Bar Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie

Being a buffet, the restaurant looked as it had always; live counters, dessert table, salad bars, neat, large and spacious seating. It was the different flag on each table that caught our attention amidst all the usual fancy decor. These were placed to denote the ongoing festival with flags from each country in the Mediterranean region! The little Moroccan Tea cart, Live Shawarma Counter and the Carving Station were other additions for this festival. We kicked off the feast with some Moroccan Tea which was served in ornate colourful glasses with mint leaves. The sweet, warm and refreshing spearmint in it wooed us enough to have about 3 rounds of it through the course of our meal. Being a buffet at an all day dining restaurant in a star property, it had a range of cuisines other than Mediterranean to entertain all kinds of diners. Most of what we tried were Mediterranean while a few were not.

Moroccan Tea Cart Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Moroccan Tea Cart

Soup for the day was the Truffle Scented Potato and Leek. With a pinch of parmesan (okay, extra large “pinch”), this was a lip smacking, heartwarming soup. We had the Omani Bread first and woah, it was just the best! Fresh, moist and soft with a delicious filling of olives, feta and dried tomato, these baked yummies were too good! We were then served the starters on the table. There was a plethora across different regions. Zucchini and Mint Fritters and Malfatti (a spinach and ricotta Gnocchi type appetiser with no potatoes!) from Italy, Balik Koftesi (Fish Patties) and Spanakopita (Phyllo wrapped Spinach and Feta) from Greece. The Fritters easily stole the show. Despite having no potato, its firm, crisp yet uber light filling was OHSOGOOD. Each of the appetisers showcased the fresh ingredients with a slight hint of herbs.

Balik Koftesi Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Balik Koftesi
Omani Bread Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Omani Bread
Spanakopita Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie

The Shawarma Counter was really captivating, especially being out in the open. The bits of burnt meat with freshly pickled veggies with dollops of Garlic Mayo wrapped tight in a Khubz was just the Shawarma any meat lover could hope for, especially when the Chef there was ready to customise the roll in any way you fantasise!

Live Shawarma Counter Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Live Shawarma Counter

The Salad Bar was filled with fresh ingredients like corn kernels and olives and it also had a few Mediterranean-specific salads like the Cauliflower and Couscous Salad, Roasted Tomatoes, Garlic, Olives and Oregano Salad (our pick, a really good mix of freshness), Crab with Palm Hearts and Gherkins Salad and the Schlada. And of course, what’s a Mediterranean meal without some Pita, Hummus and Baba Ganoush right?

Hummus Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie

The mains were concise and to the point. There was the Cerkez Tavugu (a Chicken Curry from Turkey) and the Pazi Yaprakli Kuzu Lncik Kapamasi (a lamb curry) which went really well with their breads and rice. The Chicken Curry was just amazing and our Indian palates were really receptive of this as this was unanimously the best from the main course. The Pot Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Olive was another delicious sight that kept us captivated every time we crossed it. Succulent meat on the bones with subtle lemon flavour was just how a Sunday lunch should be! On the rotational menu, they also have the Spanish Paella and the Ratatouille!

Pot Roasted Chicken Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Pot Roasted Chicken
Cerkez Tavugu Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Cerkez Tavugu
Pazi Yaprakli Kuzu Lncik Kapamasi Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Pazi Yaprakli Kuzu Lncik Kapamasi

As impressive as the variety in the Mediterranean, the buffet continued its diversity in the dessert spread as well. Their Baklava, Tiramisu and Pistachio Pudding (with caramel and chocolate sauce) were the perfect sweet descriptions of the regions to end the meal. Loved the Baklava; petite, not too sweet yet rich and buttery. Other than this we loved their Walnut Tart and the super dense, rich and moist chocolate Cake Pops. Traditional Desserts like the Tarte Tatin, Savarin, Crepes Suzette, Financier, Opera, and Zabaglione with berries also come on the rotational menu!

Strawberry Caramel Mudcake Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Strawberry Caramel Mudcake
Baklava Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Cake Pops Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Cake Pops
Chocolate Orange Cake Mediterranean The Dining Room With The Foodie
Chocolate Orange Cake

The Dining Room offers this taste of the Mediterranean until the 25th of this month at Rs. 1600 plus taxes per person. With the rotational menu covering a really wide spectrum of dishes across the Mediterranean, you can be sure to be mezze-merized!

For details and reservations, call The Dining Room – Park Hyatt Chennai on 044-49919965 / 044-49919961.

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