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Jamavar, The Leela Palace Chennai – Restaurant Week India

As captivating as the grandeur that is Leela Palace, Jamavar, an authentic Indian restaurant, is quite a royal place to dine at. Seated in the super lavish and classy indoors, the dark red chandeliers and the bronze lighting is as alluring as walking into a palatial dining room! The open kitchen adds to the spectacle. Ornate circular tables, pillars, dim lighting & high ceilings radiate posh elegance. Definitely one of the to-go places to find yourself feeling royal and pampered. Service was top-notch again, with the staff being assigned table wise and no request that goes unattended. They were prompt with each course and it was all served beautifully for us to relish the dining experience at the fullest.

Interior Jamavar With The Foodie

First, we were given an array of Papadams with a side of 4 pickles: Gongura, Garlic, Pickled Raw Papaya and Shallots. It was quite alright and the Masala Pappads were the best of these. Then came in the appetisers. Each came with a lemon that was wrapped with a netted muslin, man impressive right to the tiny details! (That’s so that the seeds don’t fall onto the plate, not something other restaurants are too keen on.) From the RWI menu we had ordered:

  • Tandoor Murgh
Tandoor Murgh Jamavar With The Foodie
Tandoor Murgh

Woah! Close to the best Tandoor I’ve had! Succulent, juicy, chunky, (I could go on!) quite big pieces of chicken with the perfect levels of masala, char and spice on it. Seemed too authentic  and was yum yummy!

  • Baby Corn Bezule
Baby Corn Bezule Jamavar With The Foodie
Baby Corn Bezule

Kinda like a crispy Manglorian Bhajji, each of these was quite big in size and were sweet, crunchy, tangy and mildly spiced to be a delicious and apt appetiser for the full course to follow. The green chutney accompanying this was a perfectly complimenting.

  • Kakinada Royyala Veppudu
Kakinada Royyala Veppudu Jamavar With The Foodie
Kakinada Royyala Veppudu

As deliciously South Indian as possible, this delectable prawn based appetiser was spicy, mildly sweet and juicy with the tempering of mustards and curry leaves giving it just about the right punch. Definitely the star appetiser of the night, given the quality of the prawns and the drools we were left with 😀

The quantity in all of these was quite heavy and as scrumptious as they were, probably a tad lesser of it would’ve paved the proper way for a comfortable 3-course meal.

For the main course we had:

  • Paneer Makhni
Paneer Makhni Jamavar With The Foodie
Paneer Makhni

One of our favourite vegetarian gravies with a good set of breads, this was obviously quite on the top most notch here at Jamavar. Creamy, long-paneer filled tangy gravy that went a perfect accompaniment for the fluffy Naans we had.

  • Dal Jamavar
Dal Jamavar Jamavar With The Foodie
Dal Jamavar

The second impressive-on-the-fine-details dish, each of us were given individual cups of the Dal with a thick blob of melted butter on it! The dish was super rich, creamy and quite the glorified version that Dal Makhni could be. Flavours were subtle and each portion was just about sufficient 😀

  • Malabar Prawn Curry
Malabar Prawn Curry Jamavar With The Foodie
Malabar Prawn Curry

Something about the menu made us choose prawns over other meats that night & of course, regrets none! This was another dish exemplary of how honest, simple ingredients could completely elevate it. Juicy prawns, drenched in a soulful Malabar gravy is a match made in heaven with some steamed rice. It was only the gravy that made us devour our meal long past the limit had saturated. 😀

Filled to the brim, we were ‘almost’ in refusal to the ambrosial desserts that were ordered next, but obviously, there’s a separate stomach for desserts!

  • Ada Pradaman
Ada Pradaman Jamavar With The Foodie
Ada Pradaman

Soaked in the richness of ghee, cardamom and jaggery, this was slightly off tasting amongst the other two despite it being pretty authentic in taste. The rice flakes were perfectly cooked, but the jaggery being a tad high in it, it got a bit too cloying.

  • Rasmalai
Rasmalai Jamavar With The Foodie

Another one of our favourite milk based desserts, the Malai was thick and chunky and was deliciously soaked in the subtly flavoured thick milk. It was the subtle saffron and nuts that made the dessert pop. Again, this was quite a lot in quantity!

  • Malai Kulfi
Malai Kulfi Jamavar With The Foodie
Malai Kulfi

Probably one of the most favourite milk based desserts, this was the star of the day! The Kulfi was all that lingered in our minds and tongue with its creaminess, flavour and scents that still makes it drool worthy. At first, the Kulfi with falooda noodles seemed a bit odd but all together, it was simply lip-smacking! The rose flavour was easily the major contributor to this and yes, the kulfi too, had a great flavour by itself.

Being an RWI dinner, we had the 3-course meal at ₹1080 per person. Without even a blink of my eyelid, I’d say this was value at it’s maximum for the kinda experience and quality of food we received here. If this were a separate dine in, the cost for two would easily go to about ₹4000.

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