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Italiana and more at La Cucina, Kilpauk

As Italian as the name goes, La Cucina is a cozy little restaurant located on Ormes Road. Adorably done, the teal backdrop is the perfect setting for their modern outlook of an Italian resto. Not too big, La Cucina can seat about 20-25 people at a time. Soft music in the background, interesting lights, airy and spaced properly, the ambience is one of their biggest pluses. Parking is a slight issue here being located on an ever bustling road. Having been here twice already, we were quite well acquainted with this place. This time, we were there to try out their new menu which included a few extra cuisines and dishes covering seafood and meat as well.

Zucchini Fritters La Cucina With The Foodie

The menu has an extensive list of appetisers and main course and about 10-12 desserts from the display. First off, a big shout out to their desserts! Theobroma, cheesecakes, and pastries are always a pleasure here! Getting back to the new menu, it has quite many options now in chicken, meat, seafood and slightly sparsed in vegetarian dishes. We got to try a lot from the many options there and here is our take on the dishes from the new menu.

Risotto Balls La Cucina With The Foodie
Risotto Balls
Veg Nachos La Cucina With The Foodie
Veg Nachos
Chicken Cordon Bleu La Cucina With The Foodie
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Crab Cake La Cucina With The Foodie
Crab Cake
Baked Mushrooms La Cucina With The Foodie
Baked Mushrooms
Prawn Satay La Cucina With The Foodie
Prawn Satay
Nachos With Beef Bolognese La Cucina With The Foodie
Nachos With Beef Bolognese
Calamari Rings La Cucina With The Foodie
Calamari Rings

For appetisers, there was a LOT that we tried. Baked Mushrooms, Zucchini Fritters, Veg Nachos and Risotto Balls in Marinara Sauce were on the vegetarian side while non-vegetarians had a lot more to choose from with Beef Nachos, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Crab Cakes, Prawn Satay and Calamari Rings.

Best of these were the super crispy yet light Zucchini Fritters, Veg Nachos which were crunchy but couldโ€™ve used a lot more of itโ€™s toppings (it was better than the ones with the minced beef, though, where the nachos got too soggy too quick), the Chicken Cordon Bleu which had the right amount of chunky chicken and GOOEY cheese and the Risotto Balls which tasted MILES better than how it looked! ๐Ÿ˜€ The other appetisers were quite good too with slight shortfalls in seasoning or the level of cooking on the meat. This set the perfect mood for the Italian feast that was to follow.

Gnocchi La Cucina With The Foodie
chicken-ravioli La Cucina With The Foodie
Chicken Ravioli
Cheese Ravioli La Cucina With The Foodie
Cheese Ravioli
Homemade Lamb Sausage La Cucina With The Foodie
Homemade Lamb Sausage

We had everything right from Gnocchi and Lasagna to Thin Crust Pizzas on the table. The Pizzas were an instant hit! There were many varieties and each flavour was distinct from the next. There were Mediterranean and Sicilian Pizzas for the vegetarians while the rest had Roasted Chicken Pizza and a Beef Bolognese Pizza. The Medi Pizza with Pesto and Feta, Sicilian Pizza overloaded with Italian goodness, Smoked Chicken Pizza with an utterly punchy smoked chicken and veggies were yummy to the very last strand of cheese! OH YEAH the cheese ๐Ÿ˜€ Stringy, heated to the perfect temperature, the cheese reassured the base of its authenticity and the pizzas just made our day. The Beef Bolognese Pizza was slightly off compared to the others, being slightly salty with all the shaved parmesan and heavy meat on it.

Smoked Chicken Pizza La Cucina With The Foodie
Smoked Chicken Pizza
Sicilian Pizza La Cucina With The Foodie
Sicilian Pizza
Medi Pizza La Cucina With The Foodie
Medi Pizza
Beef Bolognese Pizza La Cucina With The Foodie
Beef Bolognese Pizza

While the pizzas went all EDM, the pasta stuck to classical, well within the usual. They were on point and tasted well, quite as expected. The sauce was a tad disappointing, though; runny, not flavour packed and very mediocrely blended with the pasta. As most of our orders were White Sauce based, they had this consistently problematic in most of our pasta dishes. The Chicken Ravioli was our favourite from the pasta. Chicken Lasagne was super yum as well. TOO TOO (…) cheesy and buttery, the pasta sheets were perfectly in ratio to the meat in the lasagne. ย We tried all forms of pasta and this was all that left an impression.

Chicken Lasagna La Cucina With The Foodie
Chicken Lasagna

We had many beverages too which was all to the point as per itโ€™s description and were perfect thirst quenchers. They were also presented really well. The Green Apple Mojito was probably the only mediocre one as the flavour never really came through and seemed more like a regular Mojito.

Green Apple Mojito La Cucina With The Foodie
Green Apple Mojito

Watermelon Juice La Cucina With The Foodie

Desserts were, as expected, YUMM! The warm Brownie with Ice Cream and the White Chocolate Brownie was our favourites. Presentation in the display and while serving is again, top-notch for the desserts! Theobroma was unavailable that day but it definitely is the star at La Cucina since forever.

Rainbow Cake La Cucina With The Foodie
Rainbow Cake
Oreo Cheesecake La Cucina With The Foodie
Oreo Cheesecake
Chocolate Mousse La Cucina With The Foodie
Chocolate Mousse

Can’t really comment on service because we were on an invite. But it could have a been a bit better. Not all of their staff were well versed with the menu and it’s dishes and that is something they need to look into. Other than these slight glitches, they seemed friendly and courteous.

Quantity served (except for their Nachos) has slightly been below par. While we were there on an invite, the menu suggests the pricing here is sure value for money in comparison to restaurants of this genre. Catching up with friends or for going out on a date, this place is sure to woo you in. The newly expanded menu is only gonna further tempt you further to visit/re-visit this place!


Ambiance โ€“ 9/10

Service โ€“ 6/10

Quality & Taste โ€“ 7/10

Quantity โ€“ 6/10

Food โ€“ 7/10

Beverages โ€“ 7/10

Presentation โ€“ 6/10

VFM โ€“ 7/10

Overall 7/10

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