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Focaccia – Italian Fine Dining

Restaurant Week India has brought in a set of 13 restaurants this time in Chennai and to kick off RWI on it’s 12th round, we dined at Focaccia, Hyatt Regency. The name board quite hidden, a subtle charm in its outlook, the Italian trattoria is sure alluring in the daylight. The fine dining setup of the tables does give it a ‘ristorante’ feel with chandeliers, candle lights and neat white tables, a really attractive place for quiet Italian dinners. It is the open kitchen, the wooden fire oven and smart flooring that gives it a less formal feel. The place is quite open and airy, the daylight filled it up beautifully that afternoon.


With The Foodie Focaccia Oven

Service was as cordial and hassle free as expected. Attended to at all times, feedback was taken in positively for each course. We were presented with the separate RWI menu and it was thoroughly explained. The staff made sure the Italian fare was as easily enjoyed as intended.

The RWI menu for Focaccia had a set of enticing authentic Italian appetisers, main courses and desserts. We also had a look at their a la carte menu which had a range of pizzas and pasta in addition to the selected menu we had. The options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians were quite well balanced. They also have a walk-in wine cellar with an exclusive wine selection!

We were first presented with their complimentary bread, which was herbed and accompanied by a chunky tomato sauce. Uber soft, these breads were so fresh and buttery!

With The Foodie Focaccia Italian Welcome bread

From the RWI menu, for appetisers we had:

• Carpaccio di Manzo

Carpaccio Di Manzo Focaccia Italian
Carpaccio Di Manzo

A super fresh, cold appetiser with paper-thin slices of raw beef, rocket leaves, ricotta, pitted olives and shavings of Parmesan. Presented in a simple manner, the distinct flavours of each of the ingredients blended in together without having been tampered with too much.

Fritto Misto

Fritto Misto Focaccia Italian
Fritto Misto

Crunchy seafood with a creamy dip, YUMMY as ever! The fried prawns tasted the best out of the 3, the other two being fish and squid. The dip was silky smooth and creamy with a hint of saffron, just the perfect compliment to the crunchy appetiser.

• Ravioli di Barbetietola, Caprino e Tartufo Neroin Salsa Verde (Signature Appetiser)

Ravioli di Barbetietola Focaccia Italian
Ravioli di Barbetietola

This delicate little vegetarian appetiser was a mouthful of fresh, earthy, creamy goodness! The beetroot ravioli with little beets on top and a creamy goats cheese and salsa verde filling was just heavenly. It was lightly sweet, heavily rich being that creamy and was a pretty sight too!

The appetisers were mainly focussed on showcasing the ingredients in all their glory without it being meddled with a lot. We only felt that it required a bit more seasoning and was meagre in quantity. Other than that, these were a prefect start to the lovely Italian meal that followed. The must-have from these would be the Fritto Misto.

For the main course, we had:

• Pollo Arrosto

Pollo Arrosto Focaccia Italian
Pollo Arrosto

Buttery deliciousness that had an amazing punch of flavours. The roast chicken was so juicy and tender, the sauce, a tad salty, overly buttery & aromatic with herbs and the brilliant crispy mashed potato with it was such a lovely combo!

Ravioli di Angelo

Ravilio DI Angelo Focaccia Italian
Ravioli Di Angelo

This dish was a perfect “Italian” dish as portrayed in India, except it wasn’t as Indianised! Saucy, tangy yet creamy, the lamb ragout and the ravioli was satisfyingly wholesome. The Parmesan shavings gave extra life to the creaminess in the dish.

Filetto di Dentice in Salsa Taggiasca (Signature Main-Course)

Filetto Di Dentice in Salsa Taggiasca Focaccia Italian
Filetto Di Dentice in Salsa Taggiasca

An AMAZING dish this was! If you are a seafood lover, DO NOT miss this one. The Red Snapper was just perfectly seared. Soft, melt in the mouth, delicious fish with an amazing Taggiasca Olive Sauce which was buttery and subtle in flavour. There were hits of salt in between and that went so well with the fish and the sauce being that buttery and light.

For desserts from the RWI menu, we had-

Cassata, Sherry compote

Casatta Sherry Compote Focaccia Italian
Casatta, Sherry Compote

Chocolate Salami

Chocolate Salami Focaccia Italian
Chocolate Salami

Chocolate Gelato

Chocolate Gelato Focaccia Italian
Chocolate Gelato

These desserts were quite good, the chocolate ice cream being the star of the three. Extremely silky smooth, it had a RICH chocolate flavour that was just one of the best (quality & taste-wise) I’ve had in recent times. The Chocolate Salami was quite alright, nothing that exquisite. The Cassata was a colourful little dessert, just as colourful in flavour too. The caramel disc on top was a perfectly crispy and a not-too-sweet companion to the sweet and slightly Sherry flavoured dessert.

The a la carte menu had a few more desserts and this Italian fare would’ve been incomplete if we didn’t try their Tiramisu. So we did order that, apart from the RWI desserts.


Woah, probably one of the BEST Tiramisus in Chennai! On first look, it looked a bit soggy, a totally wrong first impression. The mascarpone and the coffee soaked sponge was as proportionate as could get and the creaminess, oh the cream! Well, the Italians know their coffee. The epic end to the Italian lunch.

Focaccia definitely gave us a memorable Italian journey, so if you are a fan of the cuisine, there’s no better time to try the place out. Reserve your table on RWI and lose yourselves to the calm Italian food.

They also have a great option of buffets & brunch at Focaccia detailed as under:

Antipasti Buffet – INR 999+

Business Lunch – INR 1111+

Saturday Brunch (the Il Grande Pranzo) INR 1550+ onwards.

WTF Meter for Focaccia, Hyatt Regency (RWI):

Ambience- 8/10

Service- 10/10

Quality- 10/10

Quantity- 8/10

Taste- 8/10

Presentation- 9/10

VFM- 8/10

Wifi- No

Valet- Yes

Reservation- Recommended

Overall- 8/10

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