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Flippin’ it right at Barottas

Artistic, exciting and unique, the spectacle at the Barottas ‘Veech Party’ is sure to stay in our minds for long. This event was hosted at the Feathers Hotel, Ramapuram on the 31st of October, 2016 to mainly commemorate the successful app and website that is Barottas and how they now have 100 varieties of Barottas being delivered effortlessly across the city! The event was co-hosted by 91.9 Fever FM where they had engaged the winning contestants in many fun-filled activities, the afternoon packed with songs and dances.

Mr. V Thilagarasu Barottas 1 With The Foodie
Mr. V Thilagarasu

Coming to what the morning completely highlighted was the artisanal and professional Roti Flipping by Mr Amir Hamzah Bin Omar, a Roti Terbang specialist flown in all the way from Malaysia. “Malaysia? Don’t we have Barotta masters in our State?” you ask? That’s where the inspirational speech of the CEO Mr V Thilagarasu comes into the picture. He gave us an insight of how he actually conceptualised and channelled his adolescent memories into this successful food tech startup and how he intends to use this brand to make Barottas, the traditional Indian flatbreads, a sensational fast food concept like those of the West (burgers, pizzas etc). The passion for this particular dish made him crave for it wherever he went and no matter in form he ate similar breads, the Barottas from Malaysia were what stuck to his palate. It was then that he researched to find out that the Roti from Chennai was what had been adopted by the Malaysians that they were SO passionate about and developed quite many varieties of it.

In the Malaysian cuisine, the Roti Canai is quite celebrated (Roti from Chennai, GEDDIT?!). Malaysian Barotta Chefs are so passionate about this that they have annual Roti flipping competition and of course, Mr. Amir was the winner this year! It was quite captivating to watch his complete involvement and enthusiasm in the art and every little move came with a lot of pizzazz.

Mr. Amir Hamzah Bin OmarBarottas 1 With The Foodie
Mr. Amir Hamzah Bin Omar

We then had a huge buffet spread for tasting the dishes that cover the Barottas menu. They’re goals of having hygienic, healthy, tasty and classy Barottas were totally achieved. Some of the outstanding dishes were their uber fluffy regular Barottas, Chocolate Barotta (Yes, YUM), Chicken Pepper Wings, Mutton Keema Balls, Mutton Chukka and the Mutton Varutha Curry with Ghee Rice (DISH OF THE DAY). They have a loads of options to choose from on their menu as extremely flexible combos and even as a la carte. Their menu reeks of traditional South Indian cuisine which is perfect at such economical rates be it lunch or dinner.

Barottas Barottas 1 With The Foodie

Barottas 1 With The Foodie

The South Indian street food dish is now slowly spreading all across the world thanks to technology and Mr Thilagarasu! The meals are delivered hot and neatly packed which makes you enjoy the food you love at your comfort just with a click of a button. It caters to kids and adults, favouring vegetarians too.

Barottas Barottas 1 With The Foodie

Barottas Barottas 1 With The Foodie
Check out their app available on Android Play Store
 and on the iOS App Store with which you can order piping hot Barottas right to your doorstep.

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