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Experience Southeast Asia at Nasi & Mee

Asian Food is kinda the mascot for comfort food with it’s heartwarming broths, slurpy noodles, down-to-earth curries and sticky rice, soft dimsums and simple stir fried fresh food. With more and more restaurants popping up under this banner in the city, there’s this constant push to the threshold of deliciousness from these places. Also, with this sudden upsurge of restaurants, quality and consistency are nitpicked and there, Nasi & Mee is refreshing, the overcrowded weekday nights spoke volumes of that!

Nasi and mee interior Nasi & Mee With The Foodie

N & M (for the sake of simplicity) is a great all-rounder; located in one of the most celebrated food hubs of the city, simple, engaging and spacious interiors, brace yourself to be spoilt for choice with their hand-picked, elaborate menu (for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians!) and of course, the delicious food they keep dishing out. We had a curated menu set for us that evening but the sheer volume of native dishes from Southeast Asia on the menu was, I think, enough to be such a crowd puller. The focus on that particular region covering cuisines of Singapore, Malaysia, Thai, China and Indonesia is their USP.

Nasi and mee interior 3 Nasi & Mee With The Foodie

Nasi and mee interior 2 Nasi & Mee With The Foodie

Kicking off the Asian wholesomeness was the Chicken Wintermelon Soup. A clear broth that was so strong and deep, fresh bok choy, shiitake and tender white gourd with chunks of chicken, the soup was simply made for the soul. We didn’t even have to add any seasoning to it. Absolutely loved it. Add a few dimsums to this order and this is the perfect meal your sore throat would adore.

Chicken Wintermelon Soup Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Chicken Wintermelon Soup
Chilli and Lemon Clear Soup Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Chilli and Lemon Clear Soup

Next came the galore of dim sum, grills and other appetisers. Dim Sum dishes were of 3 types; a Mushroom and Water Chestnut Dim Sum, Prawn Har Gao and the Chicken Xiao Long Bao. Each Dimsum was as unique as the next and the non-vegetarian ones won the round. Prawn Har Gao was firm, fleshy and succulent to the very core and went amazingly well with their dips (Sambal, Vietnamese Chilli and XO Sauce)! The Xiao Long Bao was an engaging experience that was so worth it; soft, delicate dumpling filled with hearty soup and some strong sauce to go with it! It was another favourite from that evening!

Dimsum Box Nasi & Mee With The Foodie

Malaysian Chicken Satay Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Malaysian Chicken Satay
Prawn Har Gao Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Prawn Har Gao
Chicken Xiao Long Bao Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Chicken Xiao Long Bao
Sambal, Vietnamese Chilly and XO Sauces Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Sambal, Vietnamese Chilly and XO Sauces

From the Asian Grills, the Cilantro Hoisin Mushroom was delicious! Flavour packed and soft button mushrooms, it would be a great appetiser for mushroom eating vegetarians (yeah, that’s a category too!). Other appetisers were the Chatuchak Chicken Wings, Sambal Prawns and Malaysian Chicken Satay. The Wings were not my type at all, the Sambal Prawns were strong with the spice and flavours and the Chicken Satay was as brilliant as could be; slightly charred on the outside and soft chunky bits of chicken otherwise!

Cilantro Hoisin Mushrooms Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Cilantro Hoisin Mushrooms
Chatuchak Chicken Wings Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Chatuchak Chicken Wings
Sambal Prawns Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Sambal Prawns
Malaysian Chicken Satay Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Malaysian Chicken Satay
Tofu Satay Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Tofu Satay
Five Spice Crispy Corn Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Five Spice Crispy Corn

The Mains were oh-so-homely! It’s the kinda food that would stir you up on a gloomy evening. The list was extensive and diverse and what was impressive was that EVERY dish tasted as unique as the next dish! Most of it didn’t seem to be Indianised and was quite unique from what is generally served in Asian restaurants. We tried the Prawn Laksa, Chicken Rendang, Ayam Pongteh (their signature, an uncommon smoky, Malaysian dish) and Thai Green Curry (veg) with the fragrant Jasmine Rice. I loved the creamy, rich, fragrant and smooth Thai Green Curry and the Rendang with chunky, moist chicken and a flavour that was so deep that it was devoured in seconds with the mellow rice. The Chicken Pad Thai was a great balance of flavours with some brilliant condiments on the side to go with it according to your taste (which some people found sweet, the chillies and the sauces on the table helped). The Mains were altogether a soulful course that aimed at satisfaction over brilliance and successfully delivery the same.

Prawn Laksa Curry With Chicken Rendang Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Prawn Laksa Curry And Chicken Rendang With Jasmine Rice
Prawn Laksa Curry 1 Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Prawn Laksa Curry
Ayam Pongteh Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Ayam Pongteh
Pad Thai Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Pad Thai
Bok Choy, Tofu and Shitake Stir-Fry Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Bok Choy, Tofu and Shitake Stir-Fry

Satisfied to the brim, we wanted desserts that would accentuate the cuisine of the regions covered and somehow the Golden Fried Ice Cream appealed to that. A smooth, velvety lush ice cream centre that was elevated by the slight coconut flavour crispy crust that was a mixture of hot and cold when popped! A divine drizzle of honey to add to the oomph. We also tried the Red Ruby and Ais Kacang as these are a few other specialities of the region. The red ruby had water chestnuts like pomegranate pearls sunk at the bottom of a coconut ocean (sweet coconut milk). The coconut milk was light, refreshing and lip-smacking while the crunch of the rubies went great with them. The Ais Kacang was a dessert that could be shared by 2 people or so! It was a big chunk of ice shaving covered with sweet sauce and many varied topping on the side around it like the red beans (optional), sweet noodles, peanuts, water chestnuts and what-nots of the typical ingredients in South-east Asian cooking! Desserts were where we understood that this cuisine was indeed an acquired taste as a few of us didn’t really enjoy the favourite dessert of Malaysia (Ais Kacang).

Fried Icecream Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Fried Icecream
Red Ruby Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Red Ruby
Ais Kacang Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Ais Kacang

Oh, the beverages! We had a galore of them each as refreshing and unique as the next; the Ice Blended Milo, Lemongrass Cooler, Young Coconut Soda and Chendol (also a dessert!) were our favourites! Must try, especially with the heavy summer already hitting the city.

Ice Blended Milo Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Ice Blended Milo
Chendol Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Lemon Ginger Spritzer Nasi & Mee With The Foodie
Lemon Ginger Spritzer

Yummilicious food that would ensure that your South-east Asian taste buds are awakened with every bite, a plethora of options across each variety – vegetarian and non-vegetarian and some reasonable costs at this simple down-to-earth place is what would make you want more from here. Spoilt for their choice, spoilt their delicious food, Nasi & Mee is the new hotspot in the city that you would wanna rush to.


Ambience – 9/10

Service – 9/10

Quantity – 10/10

Taste – 9/10

Presentation – 8/10

VFM – 7/10

Overall – 9/10

Valet – Yes

Wifi – Yes

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