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Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza Pops Up at Ashvita Bistro, Chennai

Ashvita Bistro is a quaint restaurant in the quiet residential streets of Alwarpet. While it’s a great locale for a chilled out weekend brunch, they are also known for the many pop-up kitchens that they keep setting up. The latest one in this trend is the ‘Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza’ pop-up by the Mafia Chef Devansh Jhaveri, who has come all the way from Mumbai for this. It’s being held until the 9th of October, 2016 every day between 11AM and 10.30PM.

Ashvita Bistro Chennai With The Foodie

Path Ashvita Bistro Chennai With The Foodie

The bistro has about 4-5 dining areas within; a few outdoor and a couple indoor seating spots. While the outdoor seating is peppy and lively with music and the bustling staff, the indoors would cater more to people who’d like to hang out and have some privacy. The cozy, pleasant and laid-back atmosphere is one to make you feel very comfortable. They have quite a number of board games that ensure a fun time with the variety they provide in food as well.

Entrance Ashvita Bistro Chennai With The Foodie

Being a busy weekend night, we were seated in one of the most interior indoor seating and there was no air conditioning in that room, just a fan to ventilate about 15 people. This also came to our disadvantage on the service side as we were COMPLETELY ignored and everything got to us at snail-speed. At one point, they just forgot to get us plates and cutlery! It got quite tiresome ultimately when even the receipt took ages to get to us that we had to walk out and prompt them to attend to us. Extremely poor their service was.

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Getting on to the pop-up, we were quite excited to try out our first ever Deep-Dish Pizza, having never come across it in Chennai till date. Being hardcore fans of thin crust pizzas, we were always curious about why Chicago had these famous inverted deep pizzas. Well, for those curious about the same, lemme break it down for you. The pan using which the pie is baked is pretty deep and thus, requires a lotta heat to cook it evenly throughout. This makes the pizza mandatorily CHEEESY and is topped with chunky uncooked sauce so as to avoid the ingredients getting burnt. The crust, being exposed to maximum heat is crispy and hard while the rest is soft, chewy and soaked with cheese and sauce. Such intense cooking takes a lotta time, about 30-45 minutes to get one deep-dish pizza ready.

At this pop-up, highlighting this blockbuster pizza, they’ve kept it simple and stuck to 2 options each in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Green Olives & Mushroom and Jalapeños & Sun Dried Tomatoes are the 2 options in the vegetarian deep-dishes while Pepperoni (pork) and Chicken Pepperoni are for the non-vegetarians.

Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza Ashvita Bistro Chennai With The Foodie
Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza

We tried their Pork Pepperoni Deep-Dish Pizza and woah, first off, the taste of the pepperoni was vibrant and delicious! On first look, it did seem slightly soggy and too blond. But it was way better than what we expected! 😀 The chunky tomato sauce and the cheese (commonly based on all pies) was a LOT on the pizza and this made it easy to cut through and devour. The gooey, stringy, generous mozzarella does require special mention. The thick layers of abundant cheese and chunky sauce made the pie quite thick and filling. We could have a max of 1-2 slices per person. Even when it slightly lost its warmth, it didn’t go hard and tough or flavourless but remained just as fresh and yum. What’s really special about this? Nothing other than the overload of cheese and the chunky home-style tomato sauce.

These pies come in two size variants: 6” and the 9”. We tried their 6” pies and they came with 4 slices. This was priced at just ₹450 (nett) which sure was VFM for it being unique and interesting and at the same time, quite successful. These pies are comfort food that resonates with the vibe of the bistro and is also a must-have for ‘em turophiles. It is recommended you get a prior reservation for this pop-up as they would prepare for this labour intensive pizza and make sure you wouldn’t have to wait too long for it. They also home-deliver (area specific) via Zomato and Swiggy. Contact +91-9791088189 or +91-444210990 for reservations and further details.

Poster Ashvita Bistro Chennai With The Foodie


Ambience – 7/10

Service – 4/10

Quantity – 9/10

Taste – 8/10

Presentation – 7/10

VFM – 8/10

Overall – 7/10

Wi-Fi: Yes

Reservations: Recommended

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