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Quips and Quirks at Cafe Central, T. Nagar

This is exactly what 600017 was in dire need of. Cafe Central, centrally located in the centre of the city, is this peppy, rustic place with fresh vibes that would make any meal time a memorable one. The location, ambience and their DELICIOUS down-to-earth fun filled food are the major attractions that would make you wanna visit and revisit this place. Close proximity to another cafe with nearly the same name might get you confused about this cafe’s location but once that’s sorted out, you know it’s a snappy place just on first look.

Cafe Central Board

The cafe is pretty big, spread over two floors. The ground floor is quite simple and concise with its decor with minimal seating while the first floor has quirky, fun and interesting rustic decor all around. It can seat about 25-30 people and the spacing is brilliantly done. It’s laid back yet vibrant environment is its USP, a perfect cafe vibe that would make you wanna sit around, laze and have long conversations. The ample parking space in front of the cafe is another advantage that the cramped streets of T.Nagar wouldn’t otherwise offer.

Cafe Central Cycle Lamp

Cafe Central Setup

The menu is another very interesting part of Cafe Central. Exquisite loved dishes from fries and burgers to Indian meals are uniquely presented with dear twists that make the dish interesting to the palate as is to the eyes. We tried a good number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes one evening and we completely loved the whole experience and vibe of the menu and the place!

Cafe Central Menu

Starting off with some down-to-earth appetisers with in-house quirks were the Namma Fries, Beer Vengayam and Smoked BBQ Wings. The ‘Fries in Ishtyle’ is true to its name, a pan of fresh, crispy fries, a bowl with spicy gunpowder and another one with fresh aromatic ghee. Smear the fries with all the spice and douse it off with ghee to have a true Chennai-licious version of fries. This was one of the most loved munch on the table! The Onion rings with a dash of curry leaves were light, crispy and the garlic was dip was just the right pair for it. BBQ Wings were served on a banana leaf by the dozen and succulent would be the least I could say about its glory. The rich barbeque flavour and the juicy meat was THE perfect way a saucy, finger lickin’ good plate of wings should be.

Namma Fries
Namma Fries
Beer Vengayam
Beer Vengayam
Cafe Central Smoked BBQ Wings
Smoked BBQ Wings

Moving on from the intoxicating appetisers (with difficulty), we had a range of mains from different cuisines to choose from. First came the 4 Egg White Omelette from the ‘All Day Breakfast’. A piece of grilled tomato, hash brown, gooey and fluffy white omelette with a golden brown toast that screamed HEALTHY right from the first glance to every bite.

Cafe Central 4 Egg White Omelette
4 Egg White Omelette

From the Indian Sapads we tried the Soul Meal and Ghar Ka Khana. With names of the dishes on point, these were stunning simply because of its simplicity and elegance. The Soul Meal came with a Homely Chicken Gravy, Rice, Veggies and Pappad. The gravy was OH-SO-GOOD like SO SO good! For the vegetarians to have just the same experience was a wholesome home meal with Jeera Aloo, Dal Makhani, Rice, Veggies and Pappad! Nothing extravagant but with everything the perfect version of itself, it was deeply loved.

Cafe Central Sapads
Cafe Central Soul Meal
Soul Meal

The Italian Sapad, Mac n Cheese was gooey, creamy, cheesy, velvety and rich and what more could it be? JUST the treat for ‘em cheese crazies and kids!

Cafe Central Mac n Cheese
Mac n Cheese

Burgers were again very tempting from the menu with all the fancy names and delicious fillings. We tried the Don’t Call me Burger (Veg, DUH!), Yang Jang and the Fire Eater. Loved the Yang Jang for the lovely mix of flavours inside the burger and the Fire Eater was super spicy just as promised. The burger buns were not crumbly and overall it was extremely appetising as it was appealing.

Cafe Central Burgers

Cafe Central Yang Jang
Yang Jang
Cafe Central Don’t Call me Burger
Don’t Call me Burger

We had quite the plethora of beverages that kept us refreshed all along. Absolute favourites were Cranberry Soda Pop (must try), Good Ol’ Chocolate, Healthy & Mazedar and Vanilla Frosty. Their selection of about 50 beverages to cater to every sorta craving is awesome!

Cafe Central Milkshakes
Cafe Central Healthy & Mazedar
Healthy & Mazedar
Cafe Central Cranberry Soda Pop
Cranberry Soda Pop

For desserts, we tried the Crazy Custard and Golden Ice Cream. The latter won, hands down. The coconut coating around the Fried Ice Cream wasn’t overpowering and the velvety smooth ice cream inside was fresh as ever. The sparse selection in desserts with nothing outstanding was the only setback if there really was a thing to nitpick.

Cafe Central Crazy Custard
Crazy Custard
Cafe Central Golden Ice Cream
Golden Ice Cream

Their VFM food is definitely here to stay. A welcome change in the shopping hub, a great place to chill, relax and kick back with friends, family, a book or just to munch on some delicious food!


Ambience – 9/10

Service – 8/10

Quantity – 10/10

Taste – 8/10

Presentation – 9/10

VFM -8/10

Overall – 8/10

Valet – No

Wifi – Yes

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