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Buffet at Waterside – Feathers, Chennai

‘Feathers’ by Radha Group is the new hotel that has come up close to the DLF IT Park at Manappakkam. This splash of panache and luxury is well required in this ever bustling business locality. They’ve come up with many dining options of which we got to try ‘Waterside’, their all-day dining restaurant. Located on the 5th floor of this hotel, it is named so because of the al-fresco seating they offer along the chic pool that overlooks the skyline of the city. While this could house only a few guests, the seating is spread into another spacious, airy, bright and humongous room which could easily house about 120 diners! This place has a floor-ceiling doorway which really brings in all the sunlight during the afternoon and makes your lunch vibrant and lively. A bronze and gold theme with eye-catching artwork on the wall, the place is immaculate and minimalistic. Tables are arranged parallel to all the live stations and open kitchen which cover the whole stretch of the restaurant, They also have a bar on one side with a mixologist constantly at work. This place is perfect for ‘em bustling business people to have a lunch meet or a corporate lunch outing as such for it has a HUGE spread that would cater to mostly everyone.

Bar Feathers Waterside With The Foodie

We were invited to try their lunch buffet one afternoon and the number of dishes and its variety was simply stunning! They serve approximately 70 dishes in their buffet ranging from simple home-style food to exotic global cuisines. They also have an exciting a la carte menu coming up to add on to the all-day dining theme of the restaurant.

Ambience Feathers Waterside With The Foodie

The buffet started off with a welcome drink: Spicy Mint Cooler. Refreshing and punchy. Then came two soups; Vegetable and Barley Soup for the vegetarians and a Hot & Sour Chicken Soup for the non-vegetarians. Both these soups were equally hearty and flavour packed. The Barley Soup seemed to have this aftertaste that some of them found off-putting, but I loved the wholesome broth feel of it with ample vegetables and it’s taste fully coming through. The Chicken Soup was more straightforward and delicious.

Breads Feathers Waterside With The Foodie

That afternoon we had 5 appetisers, equally divided among vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Baby Corn Varuval was the usual crispy, slightly spicy appetiser. It wasn’t too oily and that was it’s biggest plus. The crispiness and flavour was on point. The other vegetarian appetiser was the Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chaat; a spicy sweet potato preparation. The flavours were amazing and being an unusual appetiser it flew off like hot cakes as soon as it hit the table! Paneer Tikka was just as good and masala rich. The grill on it was spot on. From the non-vegetarian side, we had Chilly Chicken and Fish Fingers. Though they sound like the usual grub, the Fish Fingers was the standout appetiser, albeit slightly greasy. It’s dip and crunchy coating were it’s highlights. The Chilly Chicken was also equally yummy and was a perfect starter to the whole meal.

Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chaat Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Aloo Shakarkhand ki Chaat
Paneer Tikka Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Paneer Tikka
Tandoor Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Fish Fingers Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Fish Fingers
Chilly Chicken Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Chilly Chicken

While these were served on our table, the buffet consisted of a LOT more including a bunch of LIVE counters for Chaat, Grills, Pizza, Pasta and Dosas. After the Soup, it went on to a stand with fresh baked breads. Then there were the Salads, Salad Bar and about 7 varieties of Cheese, including Bocconcini, Emmental and Brie. The salads had a good mix of exotic and local ingredients and were really fresh. They also had 3 types of Sushi on the same stand; Maki Sushi, California Roll Sushi and the Ebi Sushi.

Chaat Station Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Chaat Station
Cheese Plate Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Cheese Plate
Salad 2 Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Salad 2
Salad Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Sushi Bar Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Sushi Bar

We started off with 2 Pizzas from the live counter. We couldn’t wait to try the pizza once they started preparing the pizza right from scratch in front of us! Ooh, the BIG chunks of mozzarella and the thyme infused butter *salivating uncontrollably*. For the Chicken lovers, we had a marinara base sauce with corn, tomatoes and chicken chunks and for the vegetarians, a pesto pizza with delicious olives, tomatoes and zucchini, prepared specially by the Chef! The buttery thin crust on both the pizzas was just right and the toppings, generous. The advantage with this live counter (and the Pasta live counter) is that you can request as many customizations as you require to satisfy your palate.

Pesto Veg Pizza Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Pesto Veg Pizza
Chicken Pizza Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Chicken Pizza

We then had the tease of Pastas; Alfredo, Pesto and Marinara. While I personally like the al-dente Pesto Penne amongst these, everyone unanimously zeroed in on the super creamy Farfalle Alfredo as the winner. Authentic and yum, there can’t be much that would go unsatisfied at the Pasta counter.

Pesto Penne Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Pesto Penne
Creamy White Farfalle Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Creamy White Farfalle
Spaghetti Feathers Waterside With The Foodie

In between all this came a sneak from their live Chaats; Dahi Puri, Pani Puri and Bhel Puri. These were on point and crunchy. Dahi was my favourite from these. After this we went on to the sea of main course dishes and woah, the variety was brilliant; right from Cabbage & Carrot Poriyal, Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu and Vazhakkai Masala (South-Indian) to Ajwain Arbi, Rogini Paneer and Punjabi Kukad (North-Indian) to Kung Pao Fish, Thai Basil Noodles and Mixed Veg Manchurian (Asian) to Herbed Roasted Potatoes and Tenderloin Stew (Continental)! The Dum Biryani and Bullet Vegetables were good and the Herbed Potatoes were absolute lip-smackers! From the little we could have, we felt these were authentic and home-style preparations which weren’t too heavy while tasting completely satisfying.

Herbed Roasted Potato Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Herbed Roasted Potato

The dessert spread was what caught our eyes as we entered the dining area and it was VERY tempting even as we were going around for the other courses. As at any buffet, it was one of those most expectant courses. One of the most eye-catching in the display was the Bronze winner at SICA, the “Height of Love Pisa Tower”. We took as much as we could in the desserts and what stood out were the Peanut Tart, Raspberry Mousse Gateaux (was the best!), Kiwi Semi Frozen, Besan Laddoo and Gulab Jamun. Chocolate desserts were lacking that day (unexpectedly) and we were told that they generally have at least 2 chocolate desserts on the buffet.

Pisa Tower Cake Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Pisa Tower Cake
Desserts Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Indian Desserts Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Indian Desserts

We also had a SNEAK PEEK at their A La Carte Menu and what their USP was going to be. From soups, we were presented with an elegant looking Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup. The USP in this was that it was served in a MUG instead of a bowl, with a basket of fresh bread. The soup was delish and sipping on the mug, inspired! From the mains, we had their take on a Club Sandwich. It was a meaty club sandwich with crispy bacon but the USP? It was shaped in the form of a 3 layered burger with home-style fresh and crispy French Fries instead of the regular triangular sandwiches! From  desserts we had the SUPER creamy Red Velvet Cake. It was SO pretty to look at with the carefully designed white chocolate shards and it was quite a generous portion. The cake as such was really creamy and was a great dessert especially if you are a Red Velvet worshipper.

Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup
Club Meat Sandwich Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Club Meat Sandwich
Red Velvet Cake Feathers Waterside With The Foodie
Red Velvet Cake

The total cost for this lunch and dinner buffet is INR 1200++ per person. ABSOLUTE VFM! A strategically located hotel, the food and the location are big positives that Feathers offers.


Ambience – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Quality & Taste – 7/10

Presentation– 9/10

Beverages – 7/10

VFM – 9/10

Overall 8/10

Parking – Valet

Wifi – No

Reservations – Recommended

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