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True Awesomeness Between Breads – Double Roti, Anna Nagar

Long gone is the day I first stepped into the cozy Double Roti in Alwarpet baffled about the sandwich logo on the name of a North Indian restaurant, only to find out minutes later that it was a hip Indian interpretation of sandwiches & burgers! Been hooked on to a few of their dishes since then. As residents of Anna Nagar, we always pride ourselves with it’s status as a “separate country” within the city. 😛 The introduction of so many of such trendy restaurants in other areas have definitely made us pine for the same in our locality and there, we’ve finally gotten an amazing one!

The Board Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie

Located at Shanthi Nagar, it’s easy to spot. Accessing it might slightly be difficult depending on you approach the place, it being a one-way road. The big board in black and yellow that invites you in is quite hard to miss. It is on the first floor of the building. Once in, the place looks modern with its brick wall, super swag Sardar humor and the open kitchen! This branch is spacious when compared to their home branch. This ensures you get a table almost immediately on arriving, except on weekends when it gets packed and you might have to wait a bit. There’s peppy songs, vibrant chatting and clatter of pots and pans (literally!) that immediately draws you to join in. It is one of those perfect places for chilling with your friends. They have a good enough Wi-Fi as well and a decent washroom that says “Men to your left because women are always right”. 😛

The Interior Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie

The menu is representative of how fresh and innovative they are. “My Sandwich Ideas” is their menu which comes with a writing pad. There starts all the quirkiness. You have wide range of dishes which have unique twists on International “fast food” including Nachos, Fries, Burger,  

The Menu Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie

Salads, Sandwiches and since recently, Pizzas! Even the menu is full of life with doodles, witty dish names and engaging descriptions. The have a good variety of shakes and juices too.

The food at Double Roti can simply be described as guilty pleasures 😀 Sinful plates of food with the perfect quantity that’s sure to satisfy the high-calorie craving. Another eye-catching feature: Everything comes in quirky dishes! Shakes and juices in glass jars or flowerpots, sandwiches and burgers in frying pans, fries in deep trays or steel pails (not exaggerating!) and having been their patrons for a long time now, we are obsessed with a few dishes (end up ordering it always) and a few that are good.

This is our take on dishes from Double Roti:

The Great Gatsby: Epic story, amazing sandwich! Chunks of beef (oh yeah, ‘beep’ ;P), caramelised onions, crispy bacon, peppers and a fried egg all stickily held within the herbed bread is something I will relish forever! I get all warm and happy even thinking about this sandwich. Nothing spectacular, definitely. Superbly heartwarming is all. We’ve ordered this invariably every time at Double Roti, since the first day at the home branch. Only once or twice do I remember having the meat too chewy, otherwise it’s been consistently good.

The Great Gatsby Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
The Great Gatsby

Decked Up Fries: This is one of their most loved categories! Of course, how not? To quote them, “Exercise? I thought you said EXTRA FRIES!” 😛 They have this range of toppings to the already delicious fries and nope, none of them disappoint. Cheesy Fries, Sour Cream and Salsa Fries, Bacon & Cheese Fries (the bacon in these are quite crisp and well browned) and Tandoori Chicken Fries are my favourites. These come in really deep pans so it’s got a good quantity for sharing. The lesson I’ve learnt the hard way, spend time snapping the droolicious fries and when you’re done, be left with probably one fry :/. Piping hot (the utensil as well) these fries are super gooey and FLAVOUR PACKED sure to leave you wanting for more! I distinctly remember asking them to separately hand over the sour cream bottle for us to squirt all over the fries when it kept getting depleted XD The flavours are added only on the top, so be sure to ration it properly. I wish they’d layer these instead of piling up on the fries. Tandoori chicken was the most intense of these, Indian to the very core.

Bacon & Cheese Fries Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Bacon & Cheese Fries
Tandoori Chicken Fries Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Tandoori Chicken Fries
Nachos with Salsa Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Nachos with Salsa

Hoggers Maggi: The ONLY reason to try this was to know what a restaurant could do to jazz up a Maggi 10 fold (corresponding to the price). It was a bland dish overall (in a Kadai :P). Caramelised onions, bacon, and cheese were the major reasons for us to choose this over the rest, which might’ve also been the reason for it being that bland. The meat and the cheese were a good addition to the masala Maggi. What disappointed us was the complete lack of Maggi Masala in the actual noodles. It tasted like it was boiled in plain water more like. If only the spices had been elevated, this would’ve truly been hoggers’ heaven.Spicy Chicken Boat Trip: Only once have I tried this sandwich out. Soft bread, juicy meat but on the whole it TOO spicy, so much so it became unbearable half way!

Hoggers Maggi Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Hoggers Maggi

#Area 69: One of my favourite burgers at Double Roti! I totally love the mix of flavours and how moist and juicy the whole thing is. Slightly does get messy when compared to a few other burgers I have here. Nevertheless, for the taste and the tenderness of the beep, I completely love this one. The burger buns at Double Roti aren’t totally crumble-free, but it’s one of the better ones I’ve had. They price the burgers based on whether you have a single patty or a double and I’ve always felt satiated with just the single.

Area 69 Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Area 69

Char Grilled Pork Teriyaki Burger: This is something I’d only recently tried and totally loved! Subtle yet punchy flavours, the pork is ON POINT and yummy as ever with the added bacon (yes, I love my pigs! :P). The taste of mustard was the most prominent. Slightly low on the spice levels yet super appetising.

Char Grilled Pork Teriyaki Burger Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Char Grilled Pork Teriyaki Burger

Southern Spice:  The patty was what I like the best in this; remained moist and yummy till the very end. The sauces weren’t exactly southern spicy levels. Overall,  decent burger, nothing wow.

Southern Spice Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Southern Spice

Hoodlum: Pizzas, Double Roti being newbies in this field, are pretty good here! The base is super thin and slightly puffed, quite buttery and crisp. This pizza was quite the usual otherwise and I had no problems with the flavours and toppings.

The Boss Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
The Boss

Godfather: Indeed! Meat lovers needn’t look further!

The Godfather Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
The Godfather

Beverages here are pretty special too. S’mores Hot Chocolate was DIVINE! Came in a thick big mug filled right up to the top with 2 chunky, light marshmallows. The scalding drink was super concentrated! Loved it to the very end. Killer Chocolate Shake is another one of my regular orders. Thick, frothy and abundant, this jar of milkshake gives me an instant smile of contentment. The quantity is quite a lot, so beware before ordering this! Oreo Shake is another such raging beverage which I felt has quite gone down in quality. The flower pot full of this muddy concoction is sure paradise if you love Oreos and can tolerate that extra bit of sweetness. Personally, not a fan of this. Iced Tea and Cold Coffee are two other beverages I find to be too mediocre here, especially the latter which The cold coffee was quite thin and felt diluted in flavour (I prefer my coffee to be super dark and intense).

Peach and Passion Fruit Iced Tea Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Peach and Passion Fruit Iced Tea
Coldest Cold Coffee Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Coldest Cold Coffee
S'mores Hot Chocolate Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
S’mores Hot Chocolate
Killer Chocolate Shake Double Roti Chennai With The Foodie
Killer Chocolate Shake

Service is not their strongest suit. While they are mostly attentive on weekdays, the place goes haywire when they’re jam-packed. Other than this I think they are one of the perfect hangout spots. Love their generous, scrumptious food, lip-smacking hearty beverages, well thought out naming of the dishes and the little unique touches in the whole cafe. Pricing is quite reasonable for all of this, especially for how filled you finally would be.

WTF Meter for Double Roti:

Ambiance – 9/10

Service – 7/10

Quality & Taste – 7/10

Quantity – 9/10

Food – 8/10

Beverages – 7/10

Presentation – 8/10

VFM – 8/10

Overall 8/10

Wifi – Yes

Valet – No

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